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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Street food is my kind of food. Sure, give me a beautiful, three course fine dining  meal any day, but take me out for a bowl of fresh, herby, zingy noodle soup or smoky, spiced satay and I'm a happy girl. I've developed a kind of aversion to kebabs, though, because I often find them too oily, big and altogether overwhelming for my stomach.

Zeus Greek Street Food takes street food to a whole new level. Gyros, the much loved Greek relative of the kebab, is tended to lovingly and given a gourmet twist, with the addition of Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo and sides that stretch far beyond the typical kebab shop menu.

Although it thoughtfully offers a takeaway and call-pick-up service, the lines at this gourmet street food restaurant stretch long on the weekends. A no booking policy reiterates the eatery's ethos of serving high quality, honest Greek fare - diners put their name down  and wait to be called for a table, both inside and outside.

You can't miss the big, gold lightning bolt that adorns the top of the shopfront. Opening only a few months ago, the restaurant has already gained a huge following, filling a niche in the inner west for an alternative takeon everyone's favourite street food.

Order at the counter once you've been shown to your table, grab a number and glimpse at what other diners are munching into, or take a glimpse behind the glass window adjoining the pass where pitas are being churned out at an inconceivable pace.

Our order arrives in quick time, with everything arriving within a rushed couple of minutes. The menu lists six types of pitas 'from the souvla': Uncle Tzimmy Classic, a classic style served with chips wrapped inside, the signature Zeus Lamb, Stavros Stavrou with grilled Haloumi, Papou Niko stuffed with Pork, Spartan is Chicken and prawns in the Poseidon. Despite our willingness to sample a range of the tempting pitas today we all feel like the Zeus, the signature slow cooked lamb wrapped up alongside Aegean Slaw, smoked eggplant, parsley and onion.

The gyros are stout, cute little blanketed bundles, small in comparison to the mammoth-sized kebabs one could typically buy. They are wrapped in Greek-style paper, sealed with a coloured sticker and brought out on stamped wooden boards, some singular and some in lots. Because they're so busy today some seem to be missing their stickers, which hang in coils off the top of the pass.

The Zeus - Lamb ($10.50)

The pita bread is spongy and fluffy, a texture I thoroughly enjoy, although this does make the pita slightly more filling. Encased inside it are chunks of tender, mouthmelting, tasty lamb, scattered hints of eggplant and strands of crunchy carrot and onion. Some bites tend to be a little bit dry, but get a mouthful of all of this at once and you'll be transported to Greece in an instant. The bottom is a little bit oily, and the pita is deceivingly filling.

Iceberg Salad ($9.50)

Aniceberg salad cuts through richness of the pita, with a sour lemon dressing, dill and golden fried shallots. It gets very salty near the bottom, but is fresh and punchy.

Calamari ($12.50)

Tender morsels of lightly seasoned, spiced calamari arrive with an accompaniment of  preserved lemon mayo, this is wonderfully zingy and a thoughtful alternative to a wedge of lemon. The tubes are light and moreish, not oily at all, and go well with the iceberg salad.

Feta and Oregano Chips ($6.50)

We were umming and ahhing about getting some chips to go with our meal, and upon glimpsing these passing by we were instantlt converted. An innovative twist that marries Greek flavours with the fast food favourite, golden chips are topped with a smattering of salty fetta and dried orgeano. Perfect flavour combination and worth visiting just to eat some of these.

So for a leisurely weekend meal we walked out of Zeus feeling uncomfortably full but extremely happy and satisfied, taking a menu on the way out for when we next need takeaway dinner next. While waiting for our table we saw lots of hungry patrons leaving with customised Zeus paper bags encasing a delicious meal, so buying to take away seems like a pretty good idea if you're pressed for time or want to enjoy Greek goodness in the privacy of your own home or for a picnic nearby. Zeus Greek Street Food is definitely a local street food favourite that will be kept in mind for future pita cravings to come.


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  1. You can't beat a good gyros! And I love how feta and oregano on chips seems to be popping up everywhere too!

  2. Oh yum!! Looks so good
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