Old Town on Barangaroo

With the opening of the new tunnel connecting Wynyard to Barangaroo, it's now a whole lot easier to access Sydney's newest harbourside precinct. The dining and retail portion of the area is marketed as 'The Streets of Barangaroo', and walking through the clean, modern streets gives rise to the exciting feeling of exploring a newly developed community.

Rell's Kitchen, Randwick

With the Superfood craze that is becoming ever popular in today's dining scene, I have to admit that I had never tried Acai before visiting this cute little Randwick cafe. 


I adore noodles. Whether it be rice noodles, egg noodles, soba, vermicelli or udon, in a soup, salad or stir fry, give me a bowl of them and I will be a happy girl. But, despite my deep love for noodles, the bizarre reality is that we don't eat them at home anywhere near as often as I'd like to. All that is about to change; I have finally found the perfect noodle recipe that is quick, easy and relatively fail-safe. 

Pancakes Galore at Hale & Hearty, Waterloo

If you were to recognise Hale & Hearty by just one dish, it would be their pancakes. This Waterloo café is infatuating diners everywhere with its thick, majestic pancake towers, which are as Insta-worthy and aesthetic as they are good for you.

Hot Pot at iPot, Darling Harbour

The first thing that you will notice at iPot is the sauce station. Filled with more than 24 different sauces, this is the ultimate DIY experience that is sure to both excite and overwhelm you. 

Bang Tang, Potts Point

Sometimes even the most unnoticeable places can gift you with surprises. Bang Tang is a case in point. It's a little hole in the wall café that delivers Asian fusion food with a bang.

The Henson, Marrickville

I remember going to pubs as a child and ordering classic pub grub. Steak and chips, chicken schnitzel and lasagne were some of my all time favourites. The Henson is not one of those traditional pubs.