Lunching at Caffe Dante, Sydney CBD

Hands up if you have been out and about shopping, and suddenly realise you're starving and it's way past lunchtime? You find yourself getting hangry while wandering around to find somewhere to stop, then resort to an underwhelming eatery that was most convenient because, really, you just needed to satisfy your stomach. It's a situation I can say I have faced a few times, partly due to a lack of planning. But, fear no more, I may have found the perfect place to stop for a mid-shop break in the city. 

Washoku Lovers | Menya Mappen, Oiden + Dera-uma

Mappen, Dera-uma and Oiden are three sister eateries well known among those with a hankering for cheap Japanese food. They're prime examples of the fact that one can eat well on the cheap, without compromising quality or size. If you are of the belief that it's hard to find a delicious, satisfying hot meal for under $10 in the Sydney CBD, then you might want to think again. 

84 Union Street, Pyrmont


Located just a stone's throw away from the bustle of Darling Harbour, 84 Union Street occupies the space where the old Hog's Breath Café used to be, before it was transformed late last year. The space is busy on a Friday night, full of people easing their way into the weekend.

Junk Lounge, The Rocks


Lounge. The very word conjures images of relaxation, bliss and comfort. A place where you can sit back, drink in hand, and let time pass by. Named after the Chinese sailing ships, called 'Junks', Junk Lounge is inspired by the concept of a voyage and draws upon influences from all over Asia.

Feasting on Bistecca alla Fiorentina | Trattoria Mario, Florence

If there was one thing I was dying to do on our trip to Italy, it was to dine at a noisy, authentic, family-style Trattoria. There are a few different types of eateries in Italy: the trattoria, a casual, modest and often family-run eatery, the more formal risorante, and the rustic ostaria. Trattoria Mario is an iconic Florentine trattoria known for serving some of the best Bistecca in the city.