Korean Street Food & Snacks

There is so much street food in South Korea that you could pretty much eat your way around the country without having anything else. It's extremely popular among the locals, who love a good street-side snack as they commute home from work, school, or wander around the busy shopping districts.

The food you'll find on the streets of Korea is cheap, quick and delicious fare. It's very safe to eat, and you'll be able to find almost anything your heart desires - think fried and steamed manju, addictive gimbap, hot roasted chestnuts, fried twigim and even grilled lobster tails.

I ate so much street food while travelling around South Korea that I thought it only necessary to dedicate an entire post to the wide variety of savoury and sweet foods we ate while traversing our way around the country on our two week long trip. 

Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta, Bondi

I never get tired of visiting Bondi. Whether it be for the sunny beach, laid-back surfer vibe, the hip cafes or beach-front restaurants, there is always something to do in the iconic Sydney suburb.