Flower Drum, Melbourne

The thought of Chinese restaurants brings back old memories of grand banquets and traditional weddings at the esteemed Marigold and Dragon Star restaurants (when the latter was still operating) in Sydney’s bustling Chinatown. The delicious, crispy crack of suckling pig skin and wobbly jelly noodles, messy sang choy bow and fragrant whole steamed fish come flooding back into mind.

Menya Mappen, Sydney CBD

There is nothing quite like the sound of slurping noodles, or men (めん) in Japanese, at a meal time. There is no food group that is quite like the humble noodle. Whether eaten in a hot soup, served cold with a delicious dipping sauce, or fragrantly stir fried, noodles are a carbohydrate that I will never get sick of.

The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

You know those minimalist, hipster cafes where the lighting is always on point and every surface is perfect for taking photos? Where the menu is as on-trend and wholesome as the clean-lined aesthetic? Well, that's the Paramount Coffee Project in a nutshell.

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Sydney

Some say that you’re either a pasta lover or pizza fiend. Me? I have a hard time choosing one over the other – the slippery, saucy calls of al dente pasta are equally as enticing as the crisp, puffed crust and steaming oozy cheesiness of a pizza fresh from the oven.

Antoine's Grill, Concord (formerly Provence by Antoine)

Sometimes, you’ll dine at restaurants in which the atmosphere has the ability to transport you to places far and wide around the world. Eating at cheap, crowded, DIY cutlery and condiment Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown and Flemington, for example, brings back nostalgic memories of the authentic eateries lined along the sweltering streets of Hong Kong. Similarly, one step into the polished, dimly-lit space of Provence by Antoine gives me the immediate impression of being immersed in the posh, tranquil restaurants of Provence.

Manpuku Ramen, Chatswood | 2 Hungry Guys

Ramen lovers rejoice. 

Manpuku, Kingsford's stalwart ramen-ya, has expanded to open a second restaurant in Chatswood. The new restaurant has a similar menu to the original, with a slightly more upmarket interior and atmosphere.

Check out my post for Sydney food blog 2 Hungry Guys here, during which I had the pleasure of learning more about Manpuku's top quality ramen and unctuous handmade noodles from Chef Hideto Suzuki. With a ramen to suit all flavour and richness preferences, and a wide variety of authentic broths, there's something for everyone at Manpuku. Slurp away!