New Star Kebab, Auburn

We went out on a limb one lazy Sunday afternoon and decided we'd drive to Auburn for lunch. We didn't quite know where we were going to eat, but we did know that we felt like a Middle Eastern feast. Driving through the main shopping strip, our attention was caught by the crowds outside New Star Kebab - we knew this was a place that we just had to try. 

Salmon and Bear, Newtown

The name Salmon and Bear conjures mixed signals about the food that the restaurant serves. Does the menu revolve around fish (the 'Salmon' component), or does it have more of a hunter-gather wilderness theme (the 'Bear')? Or does it go surf and turf and offer both? The answer is in the 'Salmon' part of the name. Salmon and Bear relies on the humble fish as the hero and main focus of the menu.

Three Williams, Redfern

I'd have sandwiches every day for lunch without fail when I was a kid. As a result, because I'd eaten so many, sandwiches have since lost their sense of appeal and I've tended to shy away from them as a lunchtime option. But then along came the narnie. 

Butcher and The Farmer, Glebe

The first time we visited Harold Park's gentrified Tramsheds complex was during the first month of opening, and the space was teeming with masses of crowds who were eager to get a piece of the Inner West's newly-restored food destination. It was, in all honesty, quite a stressful experience because it was just so busy.

China Doll, Woolloomoolloo

Being of Chinese heritage, we don't go out to eat at Chinese restaurants as often as one might think. I'm a big fan of the cheap, no-frills Chinese restaurant for a good noodle feed or family yum cha, however we seldom dine at restaurants on the higher end of the price spectrum. But the iconic China Doll is no ordinary Chinese restaurant, so when time came to choose at place at which to celebrate my birthday recently, I knew that that was where I wanted to go.

Dumplings ahoy at Yang's Dumpling, Burwood

This dumpling eatery has cemented a spot in our hearts as one of our favourite dumpling places of all time. If you haven't heard of Yang's Dumpling before, then be you'll be itching to try their dumplings by the end of this post.

ester, Chippendale

ester is a restaurant that I have been dying to try for quite some time now. This Chippendale favourite delivers honest, punchy food and has gained a cult status on the Sydney restaurant scene.