Three Williams, Redfern

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I'd have sandwiches every day for lunch without fail when I was a kid. As a result, because I'd eaten so many, sandwiches have since lost their sense of appeal and I've tended to shy away from them as a lunchtime option. But then along came the narnie. 
The narnie is Three Williams' specialty. It's a naan sandwich that is served gua bao style; fluffy, soft naan bread folded over a handful of tasty, ingeniously constructed fillings. It's an innovative creation that combines all the best of the humble naan bread and old faithful lunchtime sandwich.

The naan acts as the perfect base for the sandwich. It's robust enough to support the hefty filling without falling apart, isn't too heavy or greasy, and is just the right thickness. It's comparable in texture to a fluffy pita bread, only with more of those trademark naan air bubbles.

There are a few different narnies on the menu at 3 Williams in Redfern, which change seasonally. On our first visit I tried the Southern Fried Chicken narnie, and only few months later visited again to find that this has been swapped for a Portuguese Chicken version. As well as a well-rounded drinks list, other food items on the all day menu include blueberry crumpets, a tantalising cherry ripe french toast and maple bacon blini along with café classics like smashed peas on toast, jamon bruschetta and mussel linguine.

Queues frequent the minimalist, spacious café on weekends, which is located on Redfern's Elizabeth Street among a row of large warehouse-style buildings.

Iced latte ($4.50) and Seasonal Soda ($6)
The seasonal soda on our visit is a refreshing lime, mint and cinnamon concoction. An iced latte is served in a tall glass with an aesthetic ombre coffee-milk colour.

Southern Fried Chicken Narnie ($16)
This narnie was probably my favourite of all the narnies. Two majestical pieces of heavenly fried chicken are stuffed inside the naan bread, along with curly coral lettuce, pickled cucumber and bright orange chipotle mayo. Eating this narnie is a wonderfully messy affair, and my dining companion ends up eating this with a knife and fork while I tackle it with my hands. The chicken is fried to perfection, with the perfect crunchy, bubbled batter and succulent meat. The mayo, pickles and lettuce provide cool freshness and zing which counteract the naughtiness of the chicken. The naan withstands the weight of the filling really well.

Portuguese Chicken Narnie ($16)
The Portuguese Chicken Narnie has a filling of grilled Portuguese chicken, coral lettuce, mayo and beer battered Portuguese seasoned chips. This, too, is a winning narnie. The chicken is so flavoursome and juicy, with a hint of char from the grill. Of course, the addition of beer battered chips inside the bread seems to make everything that little bit tastier.

Mushroom Narnie ($15)
This is the messiest narnie of them all, and it does not skimp on flavour. Piled inside the soft naan are big, meaty pieces of roasted field mushroom and a tumble of shredded wombok, coriander, toasted peanuts and water chestnuts. The mushroom is coated in a sweet, punchy Asian glaze that is counteracted by the fresh, crunchy salad. We can't manage to tackle this with our hands and end up eating it as a deconstructed sandwich instead.

Poke Bowl ($22)
The poke bowl is deceptively large and super delicious. It's an explosion of colour, with a healthy rainbow of salmon sashimi, cubed cucumber, avocado, and pink-hued pickled red cabbage on a bed of jet black rice. The soy and mirin dressing is fresh and vibrant.

The narnies are a must-try at Three Williams, but don't stop there. The rest of the menu must be sampled too, which is why I'll be returning back for sure.


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