Three Williams, Redfern

I'd have sandwiches every day for lunch without fail when I was a kid. As a result, because I'd eaten so many, sandwiches have since lost their sense of appeal and I've tended to shy away from them as a lunchtime option. But then along came the narnie. 

Butcher and The Farmer, Glebe

The first time we visited Harold Park's gentrified Tramsheds complex was during the first month of opening, and the space was teeming with masses of crowds who were eager to get a piece of the Inner West's newly-restored food destination. It was, in all honesty, quite a stressful experience because it was just so busy.

Balcon By Tapavino

Balcon By Tapavino is the kind of place where you'd happily spend a lazy Friday afternoon. Order some share plates, a glass of wine and graze your way into the weekend. 

China Doll, Woolloomoolloo

Being of Chinese heritage, we don't go out to eat at Chinese restaurants as often as one might think. I'm a big fan of the cheap, no-frills Chinese restaurant for a good noodle feed or family yum cha, however we seldom dine at restaurants on the higher end of the price spectrum. But the iconic China Doll is no ordinary Chinese restaurant, so when time came to choose at place at which to celebrate my birthday recently, I knew that that was where I wanted to go.

Dumplings ahoy at Yang's Dumpling, Burwood

This dumpling eatery has cemented a spot in our hearts as one of our favourite dumpling places of all time. If you haven't heard of Yang's Dumpling before, then be you'll be itching to try their dumplings by the end of this post.

ester, Chippendale

ester is a restaurant that I have been dying to try for quite some time now. This Chippendale favourite delivers honest, punchy food and has gained a cult status on the Sydney restaurant scene. 

Harry's, Bondi Beach

It can be hard to find a cafe that revamps the way you view breakfast. Harry's Bondi manages to do just that, while maintaining that surf-side coastal cool. 

Pasta Party at The Italian Bowl, Newtown

I don't think there is anything quite like the humble bowl of pasta in the world of comfort food. There's probably not a single person I know who would turn down a bowl of pasta. It has such universal appeal, and can be cooked in so many different ways that it's hard not to say no.

Bennelong, Circular Quay

Bennelong is one of those iconic Sydney restaurants on every avid diner's bucket list. Whether it be the allure of eating under the Opera House sails, those stunning harbour views, or the much talked about, produce-driven menu, there is something about Bennelong that makes it a truly unique and sublime place to dine.

A look into a Chinese Wedding Banquet at Rhodes Phoenix

Chinese wedding banquets are big affairs. They are a quintessential part of the traditional Chinese wedding, and often whole restaurants will be booked out for the special occasion. Family and friends will gather after the wedding ceremony to share an impressive feast can consist of more than ten different courses.

Isaac Toast: a South Korean sandwich specialty

Travelling gives you a licence to be adventurous with your daily diet. Breakfast, in particular, is a meal that instantly becomes so exciting to eat in foreign countries. 

The breakfasts we ate on our trip to South Korea late last year ranged from cheap gimbap (Korean-style sushi) and samgak gimbap (triangular rice balls) from the local 7 Eleven, to warming dakjuk (rice porridge) and baked goods from the popular Korean bakery chains Paris Baguette and Tour Les Jours. One of the most memorable breakfasts we had was from the uniquely Korean breakfast-cum-sandwich chain, Isaac Toast. I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a whole post to this marvelous bread creation.

Chiswick, Woollahra

I must admit that I am often envious of those who are able to grow their own fruit and veg in their gardens at home. We have tried on multiple occasions to start our own mini veggie patch, with very little luck at all. There was a brief summer or two when our backyard was home to a forest of cherry tomatoes (grown by accident), however the only vegetable-like plant we've got now is a small bunch of basil that was bought from the supermarket and recently planted in a small garden pot. 

Chiswick, on the other hand, is home to the vegetable garden of everyone's dreams. 

What I ate in South Korea | 10 dishes you must try

A few months ago, I traveled with a friend to the exhilarating country of South Korea. We spent two weeks eating, sightseeing and shopping our way through Seoul, Gyeongju and Busan, discovering local traditions, new places and fascinating foods every day.

Korean Street Food & Snacks

There is so much street food in South Korea that you could pretty much eat your way around the country without having anything else. It's extremely popular among the locals, who love a good street-side snack as they commute home from work, school, or wander around the busy shopping districts.

The food you'll find on the streets of Korea is cheap, quick and delicious fare. It's very safe to eat, and you'll be able to find almost anything your heart desires - think fried and steamed manju, addictive gimbap, hot roasted chestnuts, fried twigim and even grilled lobster tails.

I ate so much street food while travelling around South Korea that I thought it only necessary to dedicate an entire post to the wide variety of savoury and sweet foods we ate while traversing our way around the country on our two week long trip. 

Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta, Bondi

I never get tired of visiting Bondi. Whether it be for the sunny beach, laid-back surfer vibe, the hip cafes or beach-front restaurants, there is always something to do in the iconic Sydney suburb.

El-Phoenician Restaurant, Parramatta

Despite being a big fan of more well-known Lebanese foods like falafel, hummus and tabbouleh, I must sheepishly admit that I know very little about real Lebanese cuisine. The reality is that I don't really eat Lebanese food very often - not because I don't like it, but rather because it's just not the first thing that comes to mind when we go out for something to eat.