Din Tai Fung and the art of Xiao Long Bao

Being Asian, I'm a sucker for all Asian food - whatever cuisine it may be. We often go to eateries in the suburbs of Flemington, Burwood and Ashfield when we're in the mood for a cheap, wholesome Asian feed and always leave feeling extremely full and satisfied. Din Tai Fung, being the only one of its kind in the whole city, is a little on the higher end of the market and is one of our favourite Sydney CBD haunts.

I don't know whether it's the atmosphere of lining up and waiting for our buzzer to buzz, or the efficiency of the service, or the way you can see the dumplings being made in the steamy windows, but there's always something special about going there.

Cute little Xiao Long Bao man!
A visit to DTF isn't a visit to DTF without ordering Xiao Long Bao - perfectly crafted, pork-filled dumplings that exert a hot, tasty broth when bitten in to - one of their specialties. We've tried various other versions of this dumpling at Taiwanese restaurants around Sydney (New Shanghai, Taste of Shanghai) but it's always Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Baos that we love the best.

Pieno, Surry Hills

Whenever we are given the exciting opportunity of going out to eat (a much-loved past-time), you'll always find me hastily Googling restaurants and thumbing through my Good Food Guide to scour out new and exciting places for us to venture out to.

I find myself in this situation more often that not, but it always seems to end with us visiting a main eating/shopping strip and simply eating at whatever place we stumble upon that tickles our fancy. It's not that I don't love the places we go often and frequently visit, but the lure of eating at a new, much-talked about café or restaurant is almost too good to resist when presented with the chance to. It's not disappointing, per se, but once in a while I'd really like to visit that place I read about last month in the Good Food, or read about online in one of my many favourite food blogs. I keep many lists of this kind on my phone, whiteboard and notebooks, but whenever the opportunity arises I never fail to find myself caught up in a frenzy trying to decide on a place to go to eat. I really should be organising myself better.

Paris Seafood Cafe, La Perouse

What better day to visit La Perouse than on Father's Day? I'd never visited this area before, but driving through the eastern suburbs to get to there we passed lots of places that I vaguely remember from our previous travels.

We'd planned to go to the area for a nice Father's Day fish n' chips on the beach, a prospect made all the more agreeable given the beautiful weather we were granted with upon waking on Sunday morning. We reached La Perouse just after 1pm, driving up to join a beeline of cars that all seemed to be going to the same place we were, with the same brilliant lunch idea. After we managed to park (following a lesiurely cruise at 5km/h looking for a parking spot), we made our way down the hill to our destination, tummies grumbling, to get lunch.

Hello out there!

Hello all there dear readers!

I'm Maddie, and I've started this blog to document my food adventures. I adore eating and cooking, and am constantly taking photos of the creations I cook and meals I devour. I love taking note of beautiful food and places that I love to visit and eat, and a food blog is the perfect way to record these experiences for both myself and those around me. This isn't meant to be a critical food blog, just one in which I voice my thoughts, opinions and most importantly, my love for food - so don't expect any ratings or scores. I hope this blog will be something that not only tickles the tastebuds, but arouses a curiosity for food, just like the passion that food has fired in me.