Rell's Kitchen, Randwick

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

With the Superfood craze that is becoming ever popular in today's dining scene, I have to admit that I had never tried Acai before visiting this cute little Randwick cafe. 

Rell's Kitchen is a café that manages to integrate the wholefoods trend with an honest, down-to-earth atmosphere. At the same time, it's a place that makes you feel right at home - from the friendly service to the wholesome meals and welcoming, cosy space. It's kid-friendly, too, with a table that converts to a dedicated kid's colouring-in station, and handmade drawings that adorn the side wall.

One side of the front coffee counter opens out to the street, doubling as a grab-and-go takeaway window for those on the run. The cafe is quite small in terms of seating space, but there are a few more tables positioned outside that make for a nice place to sit on a sunny day.

The menu is a blend of wholesome, nourishing wholefoods and classic cafe items. Aside from the usual suspects like burgers, corn fritters and jaffles are attractive healthier options such as superfood bowls, buckwheat pancakes and turmeric lattes. If you're lucky, there will also be some homemade organic muffins on offer when you visit.  

Owner Rell has been in the hospitality business for over 20 years, and also runs Windscreens Café at the nearby Prince of Wales Hospital. Most of the food that is served there is made at Rell's Kitchen. 

 Lean green juice ($8.50) and Iced chocolate ($7)
One of four freshly squeezed juices on the drinks menu, this popular green drink is a tropical mixture of kale, spinach, parsley, mint, cucumber and pineapple. The balance of flavours is just right, and we can taste a hint of everything in this refreshing, cleansing juice. It does not taste overly 'green' and is sure to give you all the vitamins you need for the day! The iced chocolate, on the other hand, is sweet and indulgent, with a nostalgic chocolate milkshake-like flavour. It comes with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream that is submerged in the deep glass jar. 

Acai Bowl ($9.50)
Although I am by no means a superfood expert, this is a very good Acai bowl. It has a thick, sorbet-like texture and just the right amount of iciness to be refreshing without giving you a brain freeze. The deep violet mixture is covered by a blanket of sliced strawberries, banana, pear, granola, seeds and fresh coconut. This is made using an Amazonia Acai with organic Guarana, and is packed full of antioxidants. It is a big serve, and will leave you more than satisfied after finishing the whole bowl. 

Adzuki bean & kumera wrap ($16)
I was intrigued by this when I saw it on the menu. The filling is made from kumera and adzuki bean (also known as red bean), and although it usually comes in a burger, you can also opt for a spinach or wholemeal wrap if you feel like something a little less carb-heavy.  The patty is nutty and has a falafel-like texture - moist, but ever so crumbly. The red beans are only just detectable in the mixture, and although it sounds like a wrap that may be a little too healthy, it actually tastes really good and is something you could go for even if you're not a vegetarian. Everything goes well together, from the patty to the beetroot spread, rocket and tomato, all wrapped in the warm, toasted tortilla. Worth a try if you would like something a little different. 

 Peppered pappardelle boscaiola ($15)
This peppered pappardelle is a special pasta on the day we visit, and is a little on the naughtier side compared to other menu items. It's a good value serving with creamy bacon, mushroom and chicken. The sauce is thick and luscious, and there is a lot of meat dispersed throughout. The pasta itself is pressed with cracked pepper to resemble gorgeous black speckled ribbons. 

In the coming months, the cafe is looking to offer a high tea menu, which will be served in their recently refurbished first floor dining space. But if you aren't in the area, Rell's is also on Deliveroo - so you can still get an Acai fix wherever you are. 

It is easy to see how this neighbourhood cafe has quickly become a favourite among locals.

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I was lucky enough to dine as a guest, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I totally thought that was a falafel wrap, not sweet potato and red bean!