The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You know those minimalist, hipster cafes where the lighting is always on point and every surface is perfect for taking photos? Where the menu is as on-trend and wholesome as the clean-lined aesthetic? Well, that's the Paramount Coffee Project in a nutshell.
Situated in a wide, open space filled with lots of natural light in the back streets of Surry Hills, the Paramount Coffee Project is a conoisseur of all things coffee, with a separate brew menu and shelves of specialty blends for retail sale. The pale white, wooden and grey interior is lined with pops of exposed brick and concrete; the communal tables and stool seating lending, a relaxed, casual ambience.

Pop by for a cronut and cake with your coffee, or bask in the ambiance while you tuck into something more satisfying. The menu here takes its inspiration from all-American favourites with a contemporary, fusion twist. Pulled pork buns with chilli caramel feature alongside Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffles, Scorched Tacos and Lucky Charms cereal. Among the lighter options are Vegemite and sesame butter on avocado toast, as well as signature crumbed eggs with pork hock and kale.

Ginger Soda ($5)
The drinks menu is just as innovative and mouth-watering. How about a peanut butter, dulce and honeycomb 'latte', or a licorice, mint and pineapple iced tea? The ginger soda is refreshing and sweet, with a hot gingery kick to every sip.

Salted Pistachio and Nutella Milkshake ($8)
Let the child in you indulge in one of their many calorific milkshakes. The salted pistachio and nutella milkshake comes in a stout cup sprinkled with chopped nuts and a mega spoonful of nutella. The icy cool milkshake isn't too heavy on the nutella - most of it is stuck on the spoon dunked inside  - and there is a slight pistachio aftertaste which makes this drink not too sweet nor heavy. It is definitely milkshake heaven. Other flavours include caramel popcorn, peanut butter and jelly and, or course, coffee.

PCP Bibi ($17.50)
A vegetable lover's dream, this bibimbap-like bowl has a tumble of vibrant carrot, pickled enoki mushroom, bean sprouts and crispy kale atop a nest of sticky black rice and a gooey fried egg. Green mango kimchi adds a nice chilli hit, and mix in the gochujang (hot Korean chilli paste) style sauce to make it even tastier. This is fresh, wholesome and deliciously addictive. 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle ($17)
If your trainer (or doctor) was to forbid a dish because of its artery-clogging, anti-health status, this would be it. Spiced fried chicken is smothered in a maple bacon gravy on a crispy waffle with chilli-pickled green apple, charred radicchio and roasted hazelnuts. It's pure indulgence - the sweet, deliciously thick gravy, tart apple and crunchy waffle melding together to balance perfectly. The chicken, although a little dry, is an alluring golden brown and - as fried chicken does - makes everything seem momentarily better. The waffle isn't too heavy or doughy, but rather slightly sweet, with wonderfully crunchy edges. We shared this dish, but I wouldn't be surprised if one had it to themselves and found it quite heavy and overwhelming by the end.

The Paramount Coffee Project shakes up the conventional cafe menu of typical salads, sandwiches and bacon-and-eggs, making it an ideal spot to enjoy something a little out of the ordinary. It's not just a cafe, but also a proud coffee purveyor, with a rotation of guest coffee roasters to make every visit exciting. It's far enough away from the busy streets of the city to be relaxing and calm, but close enough for a visit once you've filled your belly, if you don't mind going for a bit of a stroll.

With good looks and delicious fare to match, we can't wait to come back to try more of the mouth-watering items on the menu.

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  1. I think the fried chicken waffle is good enough reason to visit this place :D

  2. I totally agree, paramount really offers the best lighting!
    But the fried chicken and waffle is screaming to me for a revisit now!

    1. So good for photography! The combination of sweet and savoury was interesting but definitely a must try!

  3. The buttermilk fried chicken waffle sounds so tempting but it does look like one for sharing. And the pistachio is a nice twist on the ever popular Nutella milkshake.

    1. It was! I love anything pistachio flavoured so this was a winner :D

  4. Oh man good to know they do fried chicken and waffles now! Love it when waffles have crunchy edges. The coffee can be hit & miss (shame coz they showcase awesome roasters) but the food is great and I like the space.

    1. Mm yep, fried chicken and waffles are definitely a must try! I love the spaciousness of the place too.