Manpuku Ramen, Chatswood | 2 Hungry Guys

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ramen lovers rejoice. 

Manpuku, Kingsford's stalwart ramen-ya, has expanded to open a second restaurant in Chatswood. The new restaurant has a similar menu to the original, with a slightly more upmarket interior and atmosphere.

Check out my post for Sydney food blog 2 Hungry Guys here, during which I had the pleasure of learning more about Manpuku's top quality ramen and unctuous handmade noodles from Chef Hideto Suzuki. With a ramen to suit all flavour and richness preferences, and a wide variety of authentic broths, there's something for everyone at Manpuku. Slurp away!

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  1. Love how they print their logo on the nori sheets here. It always amazes.

    1. The nori makes everything so much more special!