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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The gastonomic saying goes that there's always a second stomach for dessert. Whether you've just enjoyed a long, buffet lunch, a fast, casual meal or luxurious dining affair, the sweet appeal of a creamy, cool gelato or the calls of a square of decadent dark chocolate are hard to ignore, even when you're stomach seems to have already reached full capacity. 

Stockroom is the restaurant and grill at Sydney's opulent Intercontinental Hotel in the eastern suburb postcode of Double Bay. Having only opened in November last year, as well as an a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner it also offers a long buffet lunch on Sundays.

With dark furnishings and cushioned seats, the dining room has an alluring, romantic atmosphere that is more comforting than casual or formal. It's not very busy on the night we visit, but there are a few events on in the nearby function rooms. Next door is the hotel's Stillery Bar, where many lounge on plush chairs enjoying a drink or two. 

We start with savoury biscuits, flavoured with rosemary and a sprinkle of salt. They’re buttery and have a dense crumb, a good way to get the stomach rumbling when dipped into homemade spicy BBQ sauce. The biscuits are reminiscent of a savoury version of everyone’s favourite scone.  

Grilled scallops, pumpkin, pancetta, grated chestnuts ($24)

Wafer thin lengths of deep pink pancetta sit poised on four perfectly cooked, plump scallops, amalgamated by a sweet pumpkin puree and golden crumb. It’s a wonderful array of salty and sweet, crispy and smooth. Everything is brought together by the smooth, generously sized scallops which have an attractive amber blush on top. 

Flame roasted Angus Beef Steak 350gm ($45)

Although we ordered the beef rib eye steak, a T-bone instead arrives on our table without any explanation; us having only realised moments after our waiter walks away. Nevertheless, the steak is cooked to the perfect medium, retaining a pink interior that is oh-so-tender with a nice line of rendered, charred fat lining the outside. It’s topped with a sweet glaze which is addictive, but probably not needed because of the earthy, mushroom sauce which accompanies the steak. We taste the same glaze on the grilled corn, which is fresh and crunchy. 

Flame roasted Cone Bay Barramundi fillet ($36)

Cone Bay Barramundi has an alluring, golden skin which is crisp to the touch, this time with a béarnaise sauce. The sauce is rich and intensely buttery and we can’t help but slather it onto everything in sight. The large piece of fish is sweet and satisfying. 

Robata-grilled brussels sprouts, pancetta, du puy lentils ($9)

You either love or hate Brussels sprouts. This side dish makes you want to have them at every meal – grilled lightly so that they’re firm but not bitter; sweet with a hint of smoky flavour from the robata grill. The puy lentils are cooked to a comforting mess, their unique, peppery flavour going well with the intense, fresh sprouts. It’s nice big serving size – sprouts and lentils all around!

Dessert, shall we?

Poached pear, Valrhona Macae chocolate rocks, cinnamon chocolate sauce, roasted cacao sorbet ($15)

This spectacle of a dessert is finished at the table, a chocolate sauce poured over the creation just before eating. Inside the jar-like bowl is a wine-poached pear. It's surrounded by Valrhona chocolate rocks, topped by a sugar disc which adds crunch and reminds us of popping candy - just without the pop. 

The pear is richly flavoured with red wine, although we can’t seem to find the chocolate sorbet in among all the bits and pieces. The chocolate rocks add texture and crunch, everything coated in the cinnamon chocolate sauce. This is a heavy, indulgent dessert - perfect for any sweet tooth. 

Bilpin apple doughnut, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce ($14)

These fritters are far from your typical yeasty morsels of apple-marbled doughnut batter. The delicate, battered rings were both a surprise and delight. The apple is beautifully golden and crunchy on the outside and not overly sweet nor soft within, coated in the lightest, crispy batter with just a hint of cinnamon. This is our favourite of the two desserts. Ditch the fork and spoon and use your fingers to dip each into the smooth, rich chocolate sauce, mopping it up with vanilla ice cream and shortbread crumbs. 

Stockroom has a focus on locally-sourced ingredients presented effortlessly in a comforting but elegant atmosphere, although a little on the higher side of the price range. You don't have to be a guest of the opulent hotel in order to sample a taste of life on the luxurious side!


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  1. How awesome does that poached pear look!!??
    But what I really want to try is the bilpin donuts!

    1. The doughnuts were pretty special! They were so light it felt as if you were eating apple chips, even better with a touch of cinnamon ;)

  2. The grilled scallops look so pretty! And such intricate plating with the dessert!

    1. The scallops presentation reminded me of the sea in a way - like waves of the water :) It was so exciting when the dessert came out!

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