Miss Chu, Darlinghurst

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Living in the inner west, I don't really get a lot of opportunities to try all the wonderful eateries I often read about and drool over in the inner city and city. That's why I love weekends and the holidays, because that's when I really get to go out and eat. I recently had a course in Darlinghurst and got really really excited because over the three days I'd be there, I'd get to go out every day for lunch and try all the places I'd always wanted to go!

One of these places was Miss Chu, near busy William Street in Darlinghurst. This is the original Miss Chu tuckshop, which has since expanded to have numerous tuckshops in the Sydney CBD, Bondi, Manly, Melbourne and even London. Being labelled the 'Queen of Rice Paper Rolls', this small Vietnamese hawker-style eatery and takeaway shop offers both quick takeaway munchies - think rice paper and spring rolls, yum cha style dim sim and peking duck pancakes- as well as sit down noodles and salads, traditional Asian desserts and drool-worthy tropical beverages.

When we arrived around lunchtime, every one of the limited tables set up in front of the compact, bustling shopfront was occupied. The tuckshop itself was tiny and decorated with menu blackboards, a cute wooden ornament-strewn awning over the tuckshop window and numerous pictures adorning the windows leading into the kitchen. It all sets a very exciting and authentic Asian hawker atmosphere. 


The line moves quickly and your order is ready in even less time depending on what you order, but the biggest dilemma is deciding what you would like to eat. There are a couple of menus which is a little bit confusing, but ask if you don't know, ask - there are a number of specials as well. I had to order with the rice paper rolls - it is, after all what they're most famous for. I'm a devotee for anything coconut so found myself intuitively yearning for the young coconut juice as well, although the coconut crush (in either lychee, pineapple or banana) sounded delightful too.

Young Coconut Juice ($3.50)

The drink is typical of something you can easily find in any Asian supermarket, with Vietnamese writing on one side and the translation 'Frozen Young Coconut Juice' on the other. It comes with a handy sealed lid, perfect for on the go. And there are slices of coconut nestled at the bottom for you to pick at! The perfect refreshing drink.

Satay Chicken and Young Coconut Rice Paper Rolls (2 for $7.50)

The young coconut in this rice paper roll was what drew me. It came with a little bottle of satay/peanut sauce, and inside were lashings of squiggly vermicelli, lettuce slices of satay chicken and young coconut. I couldn't really taste the coconut all that much, perhaps it was more of an added texture, and the chicken was a little bit dry but still quite tasty with the sauce. 

Roast duck and banana flower Rice Paper Rolls (2 for $9)

The roast duck and banana flower rice paper roll pack a bit more of a punch because, well, who can resist the fatty, sweet taste of duck? The sauce that accompanied this was a thinner nuoc cham style dipping sauce. There were hefty pieces of roast duck with skin on, as well as the vermicelli and lettuce.

Oh, hello!

BBQ Pork Char Siu Bun ($2.50 each)

And, well, I couldn't stop at just the rice paper rolls. They aren't very filling (I'd shared, so only had one of each, or two in total), so lucky for me I had enough stomach capacity to be able to order a bbq pork bun. I love these at yum cha, and this didn't disappoint. It came in a cute cardboard takeaway noodle-style box, with the bun fluffy and moist and the filling deliciously flavoursome and amber-coloured.

This is a wonderful place for a quick takeaway or eat in lunch, that doesn't compromise on flavour or quality. Price are quite low end, depending on what you order, and there's something for everyone. Service is snappy and fast, and smaller items will be served in next to no time - this really is a one-stop tuckshop. What is also handy is their delivery service, in which you can order online and have your meal delivered to you on weekdays. There are cute black Miss Chu scooters lined up in the side alley, waiting for the next order to be placed for delivery. Next time I'd love to try the vermicelli salads and Pho, and also have room for the dessert of the day!

Miss Chu 

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  1. I love that they add purple shiso leaves into their rice paper rolls here too. Adds extra deliciousness!