Delmain Providore, Balmain

Saturday, March 15, 2014

You know those kitsch, funky cafes that seen to be popping up everywhere these days? The ones that serve the perfect cup of freshly ground and blended coffee, have a crowd-pleaser all day breakfast menu and a lunch menu with absolutely drool-worthy sandwiches and salads so large in number that you can't possibly choose what to order?

Demain Providore on the busy main road of Balmain is exactly one of those cafes. With a coffee counter and sandwich bar opening up to the front facade and a smaller kitchen out the back, it is appropriately decorated with coffee sacks and knick knacky decor in shades of red, green and brown. A chalkboard mounted high on one of the side walls lists the all day breakfast menu and lunch menu, and the front shelves are lined with freshly baked Brickfields bread rolls and loaves.

It's lunchtime and Mum and I, in our spit of indecisiveness, decide to share a sandwich and lunch dish (although the eggs and breakfast options are very tempting). We get water in matching colour themed glasses and are left chat away while service gets to work serving and taking orders from other patrons. Lots of dishes go by our table on the way to their recipients and there are diners of all ages and agendas eating here.

Vegetarian Special Sandwich ($8.50)

Upon ordering from the sandwich menu (all gourmet, some of which are a steal at $8.50) we are given an option of our Vegetarian special sandwich being served as a sandwich or a Brickfields Roll, fresh or toasted. We go for the fresh roll and it comes out toasted instead, but we're glad that it did because the toasting adds a warming crunch to the Panini-style roll. Inside it is a careful layering of rocket, caramelised onion, grilled eggplant, capsicum, sweet potato and haloumi. It is one of those vegetarian meals that is so satisfying and delicious that one wouldn't even realise it doesn't contain any meat.

Mushroom Bruschetta ($14)

Although the menu details the Mushroom Bruschetta as a mixture of marinated oyster, button and swiss brown mushrooms, it arrived bearing only one variety, piled atop a piece of seeded toast with thinly chopped tomatoes and dollops of soft, creamy fetta. The bed of rocket adds a nice crunch, and it is tasty and wholesome without being too oily or heavy. 

A pleasant weekend brunch or lunch spot in the heart of Balmain with good value sandwiches and fresh, wholesome meals that will make your mouth water.


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