Harry's, Bondi Beach

Saturday, August 19, 2017

It can be hard to find a cafe that revamps the way you view breakfast. Harry's Bondi manages to do just that, while maintaining that surf-side coastal cool. 

Harry's sits on a hill overlooking the rolling waves of Bondi Beach, with an exterior painted a very Bondi-esque, pale blue. On any usual weekend, this place is one of those crazily busy cafés, but it's relatively quiet on dreary weekday we visit. Inside, tables are situated around a long, shallow space large enough to be spaced out from other diners, but small enough to feel cosy and warm. 

The food at Harry's is wholesome, fresh and healthy, with a little hint of indulgence. Chances are you may have seen super gorgeous pictures of their signature ricotta pancake floating around the Instagram sphere, but the menu is so much more that simply aesthetic. There is something here for everyone, whether it be a simple breakfast, sweet treat, an in-between brunch meal or more substantial, filling lunch. The menu is heavily focused around on-trend health foods and wholesome, feel-good fuel ingredients. Apple cider cured trout, turmeric, cashew cheese, sweet potato sourdough and quinoa fritters are just a few of the items listed. 

We take a seat at table in a nook against the back wall, which seems to be one of the few spaces in the café that is a little lacking on natural light. Our eyes quickly adjust as we survey the tempting menu, which lists both breakfast and lunch options.

The drinks menu alone captures our attention. Alongside the usual hot drink items items are colourful turmeric and beetroot lattes, as well as an enticing list of goodness-packed smoothies featuring ingredients like turmeric, coco water, activated cashews, chia seeds and kale.

Flu injection (left, $9.90), Iced Coffee (right) and Apple Cider (back)
The flu injection smoothie is not your regular fruit smoothie. It's a healthy, nutrient-packed super smoothie, perfectly balanced with the fruitiness of mango, passionfruit and coconut. The addition of turmeric adds a welcome earthy, warm note without being too powerful - so addictive and so good for you. We do not refuse the offer of ice cream when asked whether we'd like it in our iced coffee. It's a smooth, cooling drink with just the right ratio of milk, coffee and ice cubes, and the ice cream gradually melts into the drink to give an extra layer of creamy sweetness. Heaven in a glass.

Coconut Chia Pudding ($17.50)
Chia seed pudding is a colourful bowl of gelatinous white chia seeds dispersed with edible flowers, cranberry granola and a colourful array of fruits which include raspberry, mandarin, passionfruit and strawberry. It's a big, filling serving that you could very possibly eat at any time of the day. The granola adds a welcome textural contrast and extra toasty flavour to the chia. 

Crispy Rolled Egg, Black Beans, Avocado, Chorizo & Lime ($20.50)
This colourful dish is reminiscent of a healthy take on the all-time favourite breakfast of baked beans and eggs. Here, it comes as soft black beans cooked in a smoky, chorizo-laced tomato sauce with fresh pieces of avocado, cherry tomato, coriander and lime. The crumbed egg has a sesame-crusted coating and a perfectly gooey yolk within. We're given a choice of three different breads to go with the beans: sweet potato, beetroot, or soy and linseed sourdough. We go for the sweet potato variety, which is similar in both texture and colour to that of regular sourdough. There is a bottle of bright orange hot sauce offered on the side, which goes extremely well with this delicious and utterly tasty brunch dish. 

Tuna Sashimi Salad ($22)
Harrys' version of the it-food of the moment, the poke bowl, is revamped even more with a kombucha dressing and bright green soba noodles. Upon arrival it resembles a mini lush, green forest, with large coral lettuce, red cabbage, fluorescent seaweed salad and ruby jewels of cubed tuna. It's the perfect-sized bowl, and the sesame and tamarind dressing has us coming back for more. The kombucha lends an airy, bubbly coating to each bite, while the sesame flavour goes really well with the salad and tuna. 

Barramundi fillet ($26.50)
A little more refined than the other menu items we tried, this lunch dish is light and super tasty. The skin on the barramundi is picture perfect - it's crispy, deep gold, and couldn't have been cooked any better. The fillet sits atop a round of sliced cucumber, tomato and thin nori strips, and an heirloom tomato essence comes as a dressing on the side to be poured over the fish.

A local foodie favourite, Harry's Bondi differentiates itself from other hipster cafes by heroing honest, healthy food that makes you feel good inside and out. 


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